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We take your Real Estate career to the next level and beyond!
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Rich Levin's Success Corps inc offers a unique range of Real Estate Agent Coaching Programs to fit every need and budget. Choose from individual coaching, monthly coaching, group coaching and daily coaching programs, the systems and tools offered in these programs are like no other available to Agents today.

SPEAKING - Motivation plus a lot more!
Rich Levin has written and presented thousands of Real Estate specific workshops, seminars and courses. Rich has the magic ability to teach specific skills  that Agents easily and immediately implement into their business. Customized to fit your company's particular needs or to compliment an existing training program. Hire Rich Today
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Date: October 17, 2013

Topic: How to Create a Business Plan with Purpose

Sponsor: National Association of Realtors





Live Presentations



Wednesday, October 23 - Toledo,  Ohio

Thursday, October 24 - Columbus,  Ohio

Topic: Success Negotiating


 Key Realty,  Ohio


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Want to know what people are saying about Rich's Workshops and Courses? Visit our Testimonial Page.



                                                    Satisfied Industry Leaders 


"Rich's course is unequaled to anything else I have seen. Each and every one of our associates was enthusiastic during and upon completion of his course. Many of our associates wish to take this class again, and tracked notable increase in production as a result of this course." 

                                                                                         Mark W. Re
                   Executive Vice President & Chief Operation Officer
                                                                         Gallinger Realty USA


"Thank you for all of your support and systems! 
 Although I have been successfully working as a REALTOR® for over 10 years I never felt in control of my business.  Rich’s coaching and unique systems have taught me to set goals and track my progress. It keeps me focused and gives me piece of mind that I had never thought possible.  Instead of being distracted with nonproductive worry or wondering what to do next and how to work harder/smarter, I looked to my initial appointments, sales and listings by the numbers in my business plan and immediately recaptured a sense of relief and control.  Now I turn nonproductive time into productive time on tasks like making calls, working on negotiations, marketing and planning.  The goals and tracking system pinpoints the areas that need improvement and allows me to concentrate in those areas. When I get out of focus the systems are my safety net that easily gets me back on track."

                                                                                                     Jan Fiore
                                                                                     La Habra Hills, CA



Real Estate coaching has risen dramatically in the 21st century as busy Real Estate Agents realize that with intelligent guidance their results reach exceptional levels with greater peace of mind. Your challenge is to find that intelligent guidance and support. Let one of our professional Real Estate Coaches guide you into producing numbers you didn't think possible. Get started now by seeing if you are a candidate. 

Why the best have coaches?
Notice nearly every Top sports professional- Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Joe Montana, Steffi Graf, Mia Hamm and Maria Sharapova all have coaches that continually work on perfecting their skills and performance.

These top professional are careful to select an experienced coach/trainer with a history of success in their specific endeavor. Rich Levin has the experience, track record and history taking Real Estate professionals like you to the top of your profession. If coaches are a necessity for them don't you think you could benefit from one with amazing results?

Spend just 30 minutes with one of our top real estate coaches and you will understand why you will be able to achieve such exceptional results working with us.

Free Business Analysis

Rich developed and utilizes two core concepts; his "Six Keys to Personal Breakthrough" and the Ten Systems in his "Hierarchy of Success".

As you work with Rich, you advance in each area of his core concepts, your measurable results improve and your confidence grows to levels that once seemed unobtainable.

“My goal is to make everyone of you, yes you, financially free from worry, confident in your judgment and living a life you love...or at least a life you like a whole lot.”

                                                                                 Rich Levin

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